Giving Back


Somehow mid-life I made a trip to Nicaragua that was a life changing experience (SeeVideo). Not having traveled, I had a vision of what it was to travel, that vision included a lot of hanging out by myself, sleeping, eating local food, and drinking cheap beer in a hammock by the beach somewhere “alone”. I never really found the things I thought I was going for.   What I did find was human connections that I wasn’t looking for.

I have become fast friends with the family I met and we communicate ofter.  As I was trying to think of ways to help them I realized I couldn’t just send money for no reason, as I didn’t feel that was a sustainable way to address the issue.  So since the families already make and sell things in Nicaragua, I though maybe we would just open up the market a bit more and I have them send me their products and I see them up here.

So far we have been able to put some walls around the shack, build an out-house and we are sending Jamileth to College to be a nurse.  Is so fun so see the trajectory of possibilities change before your eyes.